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For safe hazmat shipping, one needs to always ensure that the packaging boxes comply with all CFR, UN, DOT, IATA and ISTA regulations. 

1) Quality Packaging: We use UN Certified packaging and the best quality packaging material that comply with the latest IATA regulations to ensure that your products reach safely without accident.

2) Just Right: ​We package to exactly what is needed without going overboard on the weight or volume.

3) Overpack when appropriate: We overpack compatible products to ease shipping and minimize freight costs.

4) Automated Software Checks: We prepare Dangerous Goods Declaration Forms using approved third party software with in-built checks to eliminate errors.


Step 1: Let us know your requirements by filling up our Dangerous Goods Request Form and sending us the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

Step 2: We provide a firm estimate and upon agreement, we will arrange for a pickup

Step 3: We pack the Dangerous Goods. We prepare the Shipper's Declaration and other paperwork as appropriate (Customs declarations, Packing List, Commercial Invoices, Certificate of Origin, etc).

Step 4: We receive & deposit the payment.

Step 5: We tender the shipment, provide you with the tracking number and track it till it reaches the destination. We take care of all issues that may arise during transit, including the occasional rejection by airlines, delays due to "improper" paperwork.


​Instead of charging per UN #, we charge a flat amount for your DG goods packaging.  If you want to just get your goods packaged, request a quote and compare our prices to local export packaging firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Price ($)
Non-Regulated Packaging
Hazmat or Dangerous Goods Packaging (up to 20 lbs.)
Hazmat or Dangerous Goods Packaging (20 lbs.+,  odd sizes or special  products)
DG Shippers' Declaration Form


We accept corporate checks, credit cards and wire transfers. CC payments incur a 3.75% surcharge.