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Today most Order Fulfillment companies and 3PLs avoid taking up of fulfilling and shipping hazmat and Dangerous Goods. Most are not trained, or don’t have documented processes and procedures for handling these goods and end up making costly mistakes resulting in rejections, returns or even fines/penalties from the regulatory authorities.  Aeromarineworld today delivers hundreds of orders for Amazon merchants, manufacturers and distributors of regulated products.

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SAMPLE CustomerS


A customer manufactures fully regulated Class 9 UN 3480 Lithium Ion battery power banks in China and sells domestically within United States via Amazon, multiple big-box retailers and website.

Services Provided: 
Inbound Logistics, Warehousing,  System Integration with multiple Ordering Platforms, Order Fulfillment, Outbound shipping (via Ground and Air within US and Canada).


A distributor of Macbook, iPhone, and iPad batteries sells certified UN 3480 and UN 3481 Lithium Ion batteries batteries to UK, Australia, New Zealand based Apple products repair centers.

Services Provided: 
Outbound Shipping via International Air


A startup sends fuel samples and octane enhancers to labs and refineries all over the world

Services Provided:

Outbound Shipping via International Air small package service


Trained Personnel in warehouse and shipping departments

Periodic review of Safety Data Sheets

Close collaboration with DG departments & personnel of carriers to ensure seamless Cargo movement

Certified Dangerous Goods inspectors (CFR, IATA, IMDG) to check for compliance in marking, labeling, documentation and shipping.

Checklists per customer to ensure compliance at all times

Software generated Shipper's Declaration for accuracy

Dedicated 24x7 monitored 1-800 Emergency Contact Number