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The constantly changing regulations surrounding shipping of Lithium metal and Lithium ion batteries poses significant challenges to most manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end-consumers. Lithium batteries power more devices, cell phones, automobiles, computers than ever before but also are extremely dangerous when shipped, especially via air. 

Most freight forwarders, airlines and cargo carriers demand extreme diligence when shipping Lithium batteries, including sometimes photographs of the inside packaging. Additionally, they may require that the company tendering the goods be registered and authorized to ship Lithium batteries.

We have experience in handling the most complex Lithium battery and all types of wet battery cargo shipments. We will

  1. calculate your Lithium content and Watt-Hours
  2. determine the correct classification (Section IA, IB or 2)
  3. package, mark and label your shipment according to the relevant Packaging Instructions
  4. Prepare the Dangerous Goods Shipper's Declaration
  5. Ship via your freight forwarder or through our network of preferred carriers.

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